Supporting you and your staff to be NAAS ready

Learning and adapting from the past 15 months we have looked to complimenting our existing training with the introduction of our new virtual online learning platform.  We have developed two new courses for social workers endorsed to undertake their NAAS assessments.

The national assessment and accreditation system (NAAS) enables child and family social workers to develop skills and knowledge to improve outcomes for children and families.

NAAS aims to:

  • provide social workers with a better understanding of their current level of knowledge and skill and highlight areas for further development
  • support employers to raise the national standard and consistency of practice and improve outcomes for children and families
  • ensure employers better understand their workforce development needs through the practice endorsement processes including supervision, performance management and learning and development

Virtual learning on the go….

Brightspace Pulse is an app that helps you stay on track with your online learning training courses.

You can use it to stay up to date with course calendars, assignments and announcements. Get real time alerts from your trainer to keep you connected even during busy times.


For enquiries and costings please contact
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What does Strengthening Practice Online Learning offer?

This is an exciting development and enables us to offer your workforce more flexible learning. For those leading practice in your authority such as Principal Social Workers, NAAS and workforce development leads it provides opportunity and choice over your delivery methodology.

It also gives your learners access to the training materials and activities for 12 months.

NAAS workshops incorporate role-play activities based on case scenarios with professional actors. The overall aim is to provide social workers with a better understanding of their current level of knowledge and skill, highlighting strengths and areas for development, and supporting employers to continue to raise the national standard and consistency of practice.

Choose from 3 levels of learning 

Option 1

Fully led NAAS workforce package with mentoring for your own NAAS lead. This can then be then stepped down to option 2 or 3.

Both include virtual or face to face training workshops and access to online learning activities and resources for NAAS lead for up to three years

Option 2

Fully supported / trainer led ( virtual or face to face) NASS workshops and follow-up coaching nearer to the assessment day.

Access to Strengthening Practice online learning NAAS courses for individual learners with activities and resources for 12 months.  

Option 3

Fully self-directed course at a group level, stepped down from Option 1 or 2.

12 months individual learner access to online learning courses, activities and resources.

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