Office Dogs

We’ve been helping to develop vibrant and skilled professionals since 2007, working with authorities throughout the UK. We provide helpful practice frameworks for social and healthcare workers who serve children, young people, adults, older people and their families. 

Lola Fox

DOB:  22 June 2008

Lola is a lady who loves to lounge.  Her dream job would be sofa tester.  She also runs like the wind.  But then… back to resting.

Jo Fox is Lola’s owner.

Murphy Gaffney

Has a penchant for sulking and not bringing the ball back. Keenly aware if his counterpart is receiving more attention than he is. Able to extract a clean, unscathed pill from within any amount of tasty cheese or dog food.

Erica Gaffney is Murphy’s owner.

Angus Gaffney

Friendliest to people that ignore him and deeply worried by strangers that are nice to him: such is spaniel logic. Enjoys fetching (everything, anything), actually eating pills and getting more attention than Murphy.

Erica Gaffney is Angus’ owner.

Daisy Curr (aka Mousebane)

Daisy is an Office Manager, diarist, therapist and adorer of delivery men and postal workers. Her many loves include holidays, chasing rabbits, swimming and eviscerating her toys.

Katy Curr is Daisy’s owner.


Age: 13 years

Lulu is a little bit ditzy, super friendly and she loves her food. She is  a proud Spaniard.

Jools Watson is Lulu’s owner.

Proud to work in partnership with…

We’re incredibly proud of the changes we’ve helped to promote in our clients’ organisations and the positive impact this has on the lives of children, young people, adults and older people.

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, where we become part of your team to support you and your practitioners. We work side by side with authorities as a trusted partner, contributing to improvements in practice and helping you to achieve your goals.

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