This programme has been designed to follow on from the Strengthening Practice programme, helping you to build on your team’s core skills with in-depth learning on the specific topics that matter most to your case-holding practitioners. Focused on real cases from your work, the course encourages an approach that builds great practice around the relationships between professionals and the children, young people and families they serve. The programme also supports social workers going through the National Accreditation Assessment System process.

We’ll work closely with you to develop the content of the course, based on a collaborative assessment of the exact areas that most need attention.

Tools and Learning Formats

The course works with smaller groups, allowing intensive and in-depth discussions that go to the heart of your team’s work. Trainers relate observations back to theory and evidence-informed knowledge. Curious rather than knowing, they encourage a mutual exchange of knowledge your team can draw on as they make changes to their practice – changes that lead to real improvements in your organisation and in children’s lives and experiences.


Three Hour Masterclass

These in-depth masterclasses explore specific case studies from your practice, giving your team a space to share their experience and wisdom. Your practitioners will learn and rehearse with an expert facilitator who will relate their observations to the latest developments in theory and research. Together, we use Socratic questioning, appreciative inquiry and focus on your practitioners’ strengths to promote a useful exchange of knowledge with an immense impact on practice in your organisation.

Planning Sessions For Direct Work

These small group sessions go beyond the Action Learning Sets first explored in the Strengthening Practice Programme. Your practitioners will bring details of a current case, undertaking a practical, three-hour planning session to map the improvements they’ll make with their new knowledge and skills.


Seriously Good Case Clinics

These classes examine successful cases from within your organisation to develop a systematic approach to figuring out what went so right. We help empower your practitioners to think purposefully and deliberately about how they apply emotional intelligence and practice wisdom to their future cases. This will help your team to consistently replicate their successes and share the lessons learned with a support network of peers. This is deep learning that spreads through your whole organisation to offer support everywhere.

Content and Structure of the Programme

The content of the programme depends entirely on the precise needs of your organisation. We’ll work together with you to identify exactly where expanding on the core skills developed through the Strengthening Practice programme will lead to big improvements in practice.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of modules we put together, facilitated by experts and national thought leaders.

Focusing on children and young people

A masterclass to rehearse building relationships and doing direct work with babies, infants, primary-aged children and adolescents. We’ll help your practitioners to develop strategies for forming a trusting and purposeful relationship with every child and young person. This open communication is foundational in helping your team drive improvements in their practice with children and young people.

Supporting families

What does good help look like in families? This masterclass explores how your team can use assessment to explore family strengths and help families to identify what ‘good’ looks like from their perspective. Your team will look at strategies to celebrate progress and achievements, helping families stay focused on loving their child and placing them at the centre of decisions. Your practitioners also learn how to use family group conferences to achieve these aims.

Working in partnership

This masterclass explores ways your practitioners can appreciate and harness the unique skills and knowledge of partners – and how partners can work together to meet the child and the family’s needs. We help your practitioners to use communication, record-keeping and purposefulness in each encounter to coordinate effective and helpful responses for children and families.

Other modules available:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Building relationships
  • Recording
  • Working effectively where neglect is an issue
  • Working effectively with domestic abuse.

Relationship-based practice

Your team’s work is at its most effective when built on a foundation of honest relationships with others, accepting that disagreement, correctly handled, can actually help forge stronger relationships. We help your practitioners to balance strengths and risks found in the family, having conversations that support people to take responsibility for the risks involving their children, and the solutions, in partnership with professionals.

Evidence-based practice

This topic explores how your team can use evidence to challenge professional assumptions, practising tailoring interventions by personalising them to each child, family and unique situation and agreeing on shared plans.

Reflective Practice

We help encourage your practitioners to use their self-awareness to critically analyse their own practice and confidently exercise professional judgement. The module examines models of reflection and containment, and strategies that will support your team’s emotional resilience, helping them to constantly focus their day-to-day practice on their relationships with those they serve.


For every module your team completes, we gather and share with you feedback from participants and facilitators. This gives you a detailed and comprehensive view on what your team is learning, how it’s meeting your goals and target areas for improvements, and how effectively the new knowledge and skills are making a difference in your organisation. Together, we use this feedback to identify anything that is blocking improvements and to refine the content of the course so that your team are supported where they need it most.


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