“Equipping staff with the tools and knowledge that results in measurable improvements in practice”


Our Approach

Since 2007, we’ve worked alongside local authorities to make a positive impact on the lives of children, young people and their families. We can help your staff to excel by equipping them with the tools and knowledge that result in measurable improvements in practice.

Completely flexible and designed around your requirements, facilitated by entertaining and knowledgeable trainers and informed by the latest evidence, our training programmes will become a treasured and helpful resource. We’ll support you as you achieve lasting improvements at all levels of your organisation.

“Our training programmes will become a treasured and helpful resource… we’ll support you as you achieve lasting improvements at all levels of your organisation”.

Jo Fox
Managing Director

Our Programmes

Strengthening Practice

The Strengthening Practice Programme is designed to support your social care practitioners to improve the lives of children, young people and families by applying evidence-informed best practice in their work.

Strengthening Managers

The Strengthening Managers Programme is designed to support your first-line managers as they nurture their team’s resilience and emotional intelligence while improving their performance and enhancing their skills.

Strengthening Care

The Strengthening Care Programme will support excellence in residential and foster care settings, with a focus on the knowledge and skills needed to provide purposeful and effective care to children and young people.

Strengthening Relational Practice

This programme has been designed to follow on from the Strengthening Practice programme, helping you to build on your team’s core skills with in-depth learning on the specific topics that matter most to your case-holding practitioners.

Strengthening Leadership

This programme is designed specifically to help Social Work Leadership and Management teams in your organisation to make a positive difference in the lives of children, young people and families.

Expert by Experience

Working closely with our lived by experience consultants, we bring a diversity
of voices into this specialist social care CPD training. Our work with people like Annie from Surviving Safeguarding and Kendra from Out of the Shadows brings challenge, reflection and change into our approach.

Early Help

The Early Help Programme is designed to support anyone who works with children at risk, prior to the stage where social workers have become involved.

Reflective Spaces

In this programme we can make space for practitioners, managers and leaders to talk though their fears and worries about working in difficult environments and to explore their own goals in a confidential setting with an experienced facilitator.

Our People

Your practitioners will never feel that our training is a one-sided process; we’ll create a space based on mutual trust and respect, where participants can reflect on practice, share knowledge and acquire new skills. With charismatic and emotionally perceptive expert trainers as models of practice, you won’t face the ‘us and them’ mentality that sometimes arises during training. Participants will feel supported and encouraged to apply evidence-informed research, knowledge and emotional wisdom to their work. They will return equipped with new tools and knowledge, feeling hopeful with renewed confidence to constantly improve.

Our training leaves nobody behind. Every learning module across our programmes involves multiple approaches to learning. Group sessions with high-quality reference materials are reinforced by individual coaching and personal diaries – spaced over time to support participants as they apply new ideas to their practice. We build helpful relationships so participants feel safe to reflect and think critically about their practice. They feel motivated and inspired to improve, and empowered to put their new skills to work.


How to commission us

Not sure how to go about commissioning training? We can support you through every step of the process. We’ll help you to prepare to commission training, formally identifying areas for improvement through a Learning Needs Assessment. If an assessment from Ofsted has put you in search of training, we construct a programme that directly addresses the key areas for improvement. We then measure the long-term results of the training to rigorously demonstrate the positive differences we’re making together. Click here to read more.

Proud to work in partnership with...

We’re incredibly proud of the changes we’ve helped to promote in our clients’ organisations and the positive impact this has on the lives of children, young people, adults and older people.

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, where we become part of your team to support you and your practitioners. We work side by side with authorities as a trusted partner, contributing to improvements in practice and helping you to achieve your goals.

And more...

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