Aim and objectives

To support your first-line managers as they nurture their team’s resilience and emotional intelligence while improving their performance and enhancing their skills. Confident and empowered managers will help deliver the vision and goals that drive your organisation and directorate – improving the experience and outcomes of children, adults and families you work with.

Your practitioners’ managers will strengthen their own practice, while acting as leaders and models for their team. We’ll strengthen the skills and knowledge your first-line managers will draw on, supporting your team as they bring about positive changes in your organisation and in the lives of those they serve.


Subjects covered include

  • Focus on children, adults and families.
  • Clear expectations and accountability.
  • Work that focuses on outcomes, not outputs.
  • Professional judgement through critically reflective practice.
  • Defensible decision making.


  • Flexibility, prioritising and proactive self-management in a changing environment.
  • Constructive challenge and support for improvement.
  • Continuous learning and development.
  • Emotionally intelligent practice.
  • Cultivating positive relationships both internally and with other agencies.

Content & Structure

The course consists of three modules – each one makes use of workshops, Action Learning Sessions and individual action plans and coaching. This multi-step learning supports your first-line managers as they put their knowledge into practice. Learning is precisely matched to your team’s exact needs, informed by 360-degree feedback – detailed information including self-assessment and independent feedback from peers, staff and senior managers. The Strengthening Managers programme gives you and your first-line managers a clear view of where improvements are needed – and the tools and knowledge required to make these changes a reality.

Strengthening Self

  • Diagnostic Learning Needs Analysis preparation exercise.
  • Workshop (with breakout for Children’s and Adults’ managers.)
  • Feedback and Action Learning Sessions.
  • Strengthening Self-Action Plan individual follow-up.
  • Feedback from a survey of peers reflecting on changes in practice.


Strengthening Staff

  • Diagnostic Learning Needs Analysis:
  • Workshops:
  • Feedback and Action Learning sessions:
  • Strengthening Staff action plan individual follow-up.
  • Feedback from a survey of staff reflecting on the impact of changes for them.



Strengthening the Orgranisation

  • Diagnostic Learning Needs Analysis:
  • Joint session with breakout for children’s and adults’ managers.
  • Feedback and Action Learning Sessions:
  • Strengthening Organisation Action Plan (telephone follow-up):
  • Feedback from senior managers to help understand the impact of the programme on the organisation.



The programme provides a detailed and multi-faceted understanding of how your first-line managers can better support your team in their work. The programme incorporates 360-degree feedback: detailed information from peers, staff and senior managers that includes positive and negative points, provided independently. It’s an incredibly valuable resource that helps you to provide support where it’s needed and ensure new knowledge leads to tangible and measurable improvements in practice.

We provide you with a diagnostic learning needs analysis at the beginning and end of the programme and gather feedback in follow-ups with participants and surveys of staff. This ensures you can see a tangible and measurable impact on your organisation, providing support to identify and overcome any obstacles to lasting positive change. Participants themselves also provide direct evidence of actions they’ve put into practice as a result of the learning and the impact this has on their work and on your organisation.

You’ll have access to an authoritative and detailed report tracking the improvement in knowledge, skills and confidence, with examples of how learning translates into action for managers and their staff – leaving them more confident and empowered to make positive changes in your organisation and in the lives of those they serve.


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