Looking at ourselves and others, and how we manage to function in this remote world. 

We will explore techniques for establishing rapport and building trust online.  How can we learn about each other?  How do we establish ground rules for conversations that are fair, ethical and curious?

Relationships (Podcast)

Relationships Q&A

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by Strengthening Practice

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The Virtually Assessed Series 

Decision Making

webinar iconIf the purpose of an assessment is to find the best way to intervene in an issue, how do we ensure this is fair, purposeful and agreed? Have we all been able to understand the issue and explore the influencing factors fairly? Have we understood enough about people’s life experience to help them come to a decision about what change might be required? How has Covid affected your decision making? What do we need to be mindful of in the decision making process having undertaken a remote assessment?

Decision Making Q&A

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Date: 04.06.20
Time: 5pm