Understanding Change

In this first podcast, and following on from the Social Toon and Blog on the cycle of change, Phil and Annie discuss the dilemmas social workers and family members face when considering meaningful and sustained change using their own experiences and examples.

COVID-19: the impact on social workers and the families they work with.

In the second of our series of podcasts, Phil and Annie discuss the the experiences of social workers and families in the light of COVID-19, and how these unprecedented times are shaping current practice.

COVID-19: Embodiment, acceptance, compassion and empathy

In the third of our series of podcasts, Phil and Annie talk to Lisa Cherry, author and leading international trainer in trauma, recovery and resilience for children, young people and their families. What is Lisa’s take on COVID-19, what can she see happening for people, and what advice does she give for those working with families? Tune in and find out!